Baltimore Consort

  • 6 February, 2022   (3:00 pm)

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Baltimore Consort


Cupid’s Cabinet
Love Songs of The British Isles, France, Spain, Italy, and the New World

Joyne Hands Thomas Morley, Consort Lessons 1599
Nuttmigs and Ginger Matthew Holmes MSS ca. 1595
O Mistress Mine (Shakespeare, Twelfth Night, II, iii) (music) Thomas Morley, Consort Lessons 1599
Green Garters John Johnson ca.1540-1595

Je suis desherit e Pierre Cad ac 1538
Pr lude Pierre Attaingnant 1529
Tant que vivray Claudin de Sermisy 1530
Branles d’escosse Estienne du Tertre, VIIme livre de danceries 1557

Doun in yon bank Anon. Skene MS ca. 1630-33
Jenny my blithest maid Samuel Akeroyde fl. 1684-1706
Gypsen Davy Tennessee, North Carolina 1916-18

Whip my toudie Anon. Straloch Lute Book ca. 1627-29
Remember me at evening Anon. Skene MS ca. 1630-33
A Scot’s tune Anon. Skene MS

Tu madre cuando te pari  traditional Sephardic
Yo me soy la morenica Anon. Cancionero de Upsala 1556


The gowans are gay John Forbes Songs and Fancies 1662
Adew Dundee Anon. Skene MS

Si dolce   il tormento Claudio Monteverdi 1567-1643
Fantasia No. 40 Francesco da Milano 1497-1543
Praebe mihi, amantissime Domine Lucretia Orsina Vizzana 1590-1662

Come my children dere Anon. Margaret Ker’s MS, ca. 1600?
On the banks of Helicon Andro Blackhall 1535-1609

Wraggle taggle gypsies Somerset, England 1904, West Virginia, 1925

Ma berg re, ma lumi re Jehan Planson 1587
Ma petite columbelle Pierre de Ronsard, pub. Jehan Chardavoine…Voix de ville 1576

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